Kitchens And Bedrooms  - Keeping Costs Down!
Made To Measure 
Here at Kitchens And Bedrooms By Leanne not only do we design and fit your specific ideas when it comes to Kitchens and Bedrooms, we also offer a range of other exciting projects from custom made office furniture to toilet cubicles, custom bathroom cabinets and tiling to even renovating jam studio's!
Our friendly and hard working team guarantees that we'll build you your ideas, your way, whatever you need. Whether is in a small scale renovation or a completely new construction, we guarantee you will love your new look!
Come experience our high-quality construction for yourself. Schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation in which we will work together to talk about your vision and evaluate your needs. Call 0151 420 5187 today!
Some of our products are shown below:
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